Socrative Has Two New Features and They’re Free!

Over a year ago, I took a survey for Socrative, which included a question that asked me how much I would pay for Socrative. Later I saw this following message on Socrative’s quiz import page:

Socrative is currently in private beta and free. While we’ll always have a free basic version, this and other premium tools will have reasonable prices.

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With this information, I knew that Socrative would continue to make improvements, but I didn’t think that any new features would be free. Well, Socrative announced today that they added two new features, both of which are available for free. These features enhance the quizzing experience by allowing images in questions and enabling graded short answer questions. While these features are free, I still wonder about the future of Socrative…

To learn how to use Socratives new features, follow the simple tutorials below.

Enable New Features

To enable these new features, you must first complete Socrative’s teacher profile survey:


Adding Images
To add images to quiz questions (both multiple choice and short answer):

1. Select the question type you want to add
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.45.49 AM


2. Click the “Add Image” link under the question text
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.44.25 AM


3. You will then be able to select the image you want to add. Note that images must be 1MB or less in size.
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.50.12 AM


4. Save your question and enjoy!
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.55.22 AM


Add Graded Short Answer Questions
To add graded short answer questions to quizzes:

1. Select the short answer question type
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.45.49 AM


2. Add question text, image (if needed), answer(s), and explanation. To add multiple correct answers, add a comma (,) between each answer. Unfortunately, wildcards are not supported.
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.11.27 AM


3. Save your question and enjoy!
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.18.47 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.19.22 AM

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