Photo Sharing for Students Made Easy with Yogile


How do students demonstrate knowledge in your classroom? Is it through writing essays, completing assessments, creating projects, or something else? As a former ELA teacher, my colleague, Craig Steenstra, often talks about visual representations of knowledge. Rather than having students explain what they know through words, he suggests providing students with the opportunity and challenge of expressing what they know through pictures.

Visual representations of knowledge is nothing new, but it is often a challenge for teachers to do this in their classroom, especially when it comes to students sharing their pictures with the teacher and other students. There are surprisingly few options out there for teachers that make it easy for a class of students to share images. Social media sites, like Facebook and Google+, make it easy to create events or communities where students can share, but these sites are often blocked at many schools. Even if these sites are unblocked, students are required to have an account in order to view and share content. This creates hurdles for students on shared devices and a complete roadblock for students under the age of 13.

Fortunately, there is a great solution to this problem that is easy to use for students of all ages. This solution is Yogile. With Yogile, neither the students or teacher need an account. Simply go to, name your album and add a picture. Once your album has been created, anyone can share their own pictures by simply emailing the unique email address of the album. To make this even easier, Yogile allows you to customize the URL and email address of your album.

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While an account is not required, the teacher can create an account in order to manage their albums and moderate submissions.

Yogile follows the freemium model. Free users are limited to uploading 100MB a month and their albums are removed after 14 days. Yogile does allow you to download your albums, so teachers can store their albums elsewhere or post them on their classroom website.

If you find these restrictions too limiting, you might want to explore DropEvent. DropEvent has no upload restrictions and keeps your albums for 6 months. There are ads, but you can pay to remove them.

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