Problems with Uploading from Quicktime to YouTube

So I was editing some video today in Quicktime (Yes, you can edit in Quicktime!), which I wanted to upload to YouTube. The nice thing is that Quicktime has this ability built into it. Awesome! That is, until I actually went to use it and this happened:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 3.13.51 PM

Notice anything? Maybe that there is nothing under the “Publish your movie to YouTube” text? To be honest, this is what happened the third time I tried to upload to YouTube. The first two times Quicktime just crashed on me and deleted my video files.

Having Quicktime fail a third time (and losing three video files) finally made me realize that something was wrong. I decided to do an internet search and I found a solution, which I wanted to share here.

If you experience similar issues in Quicktime, what you need to do is open the application “Keychain Access.” (You can find this using Spotlight, if you don’t know where it is.) In Keychain Access, find and delete your “” internet password. This will not affect your YouTube account. It will simply make your computer “forget” your YouTube password.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.25.40 PM

You can now open Quicktime and upload a video to YouTube without any issues!

Thank you to this discussion thread for helping me find this solution.

2 thoughts on “Problems with Uploading from Quicktime to YouTube

  1. AS, tried your suggestion but there was no under the Keychain Access… no luck at this end. Another posting suggested looking up google as youtube is owned by them. I noticed that the “certificate” for google internet authority expired in April and it had a youtube reference – “DNS:*”. The replacement certificate is valid 1 year – expires in April 2015 but it does not have the any reference youtube reference in the same way. Any thoughts?
    Best Kurt in Dubai
    Running OS X 10.9.2.
    Last time I successfully uploaded on youtube was 18months ago… pre maverick!

    1. Kurt,
      I am running the same version of Mavericks as you and this fix still works. When you are searching your Keychain, make sure that you have “All Items” selected under Category. This may be why you don’t see the YouTube login.
      I hope this helps!

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